Sheryl Sandberg Motivates You to Do About Anything

Sheryl Sandberg’s a role model for anyone—yes, women and men—who aspire to be successful. As Facebook COO, Lean In: Woman, Work, and the Will to Succeed author, and the first woman to sit on Facebook’s board, she’s learned plenty of lessons along her journey—and has faced many struggles throughout it all.

In honor of her awesomeness, we’ve pulled 23 of her best quotes to help motivate you. So, whether you’re looking for some inspiration to reach your career goals or just need a quick pick-me-up to power through your to-do list, check these out.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

“Being confident and believing in your own self-worth is necessary to achieving your potential.”

“We hold ourselves back in ways both big and small, by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands, and by pulling back when we should be leaning in.”

“What I tell everyone, and I really do for myself is, I have a long-run dream, which is I want to work on stuff that I think matters.”

“It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It’s also a very clear path to happiness.”

 “Trying to do it all and expecting that it all can be done exactly right is a recipe for disappointment. Perfection is the enemy.”

“Every woman I know, particularly the senior ones, has been called too aggressive at work. We know in gender blind studies that men are more aggressive in their offices than women. We know that. Yet we’re busy telling all the women that they’re too aggressive. That’s the issue.”

“I think when tragedy occurs, it presents a choice. You can give in to the void, the emptiness that fills your heart, your lungs, constricts your ability to think or even breathe. Or you can try to find meaning.”

“I feel really grateful to the people who encouraged me and helped me develop. Nobody can succeed on their own.”

“Taking initiative pays off. It is hard to visualize someone as a leader if she is always waiting to be told what to do.”